Every generation is given a name — some more accurate than others. Consider this my nomination for the official name of the emerging generation (those born in 2000 to today):


“What’s in a name?” mused Shakespeare. Demographers create generational groupings to examine economic trends and social changes over time. These groupings take on names, some more accurately framing the generational essence than others. I believe 2020 is a time for the naming turnstile to click anew, galvanizing this emerging generation with an identity not only alphabetical nor suggestive of passive silence.

This emerging generation faces the conflated crisis of…

Brad Keywell

Founder and CEO at @Uptake. 2019 EY Entrepreneur of the Year. Co-Founder of @LightBank, @Groupon, @EchoLogistics, @TeamMediaocean and @chicagoideas.

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